Phoebe’s newest phrases

“Mama holding baby”, this comes up often

“Thank you Shiyama”, our nanny & housekeeper (bless her soul), this is an important one

“Dark hair”, always pointing to Estelle’s little head

“I take shower”, stripping off her clothing while simultaneously commandeering the shower that Paul or I were planning to take

“I like pickles”, said aloud when we get to the part in The Very Hungry Caterpillar where the hero of the story takes a bite out of many, many things…including a pickle

“Sittin’ on a book”, mimicking Paul’s playful tone when he pointed out that she was sitting on a Martha Stewart cookbook-turned-booster-seat (the thickest one in the house)

“Fall down”, self explanatory

Other important notes for Phoebe at age 20 months…

  • getting her canine teeth; good for eating, bad for her mood
  • has no interest in her kitchen high chair anymore (see above)
  • has no interest in sleeping in her crib anymore (usually sleeping instead on the single bed in her room…until she falls asleep and we move her to the crib for safe keeping)
  • sings several songs, including hand movements/dance steps: Zoom, Zoom, Zoom…Stop In the Name Of Love…Itsy, Bitsy Spider…Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • is officially a big sister, dying to hold the baby


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2 responses to “Phoebe’s newest phrases

  1. Cousin June

    Show a video charity…:)

  2. Idehra

    Oh my, oh my; is that precious or not? OK, I’ll beg and whine for a video.
    Beg. Beg/whine, whine/beg, arf arf(opps), grovel, roll over, sit up, spit up. Guess you get the idea and I best stop right there!
    Love, Deara

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