Double stroller debut

It’s big and blue…and holds two! We bought the new stroller (UPPAbaby Vista) way back in the summer, as part of our shipment from the US. Our first stroller (Bugaboo) has served us very well but sadly you just can’t set little E anywhere in it, that is if Phoebe is already taking up the seat.

So we searched and searched for a model like it, but a little bigger. Ta da! Big Blue is working out well–Phoebe loves it and actually cried yesterday when it was time to get out, but then again she cries a lot–with one caveat: it doesn’t fit in the elevator. Our landlords came to the rescue though, offering a key to the porter’s office in our building’s lobby. So we zip up and down in the elevator a piede then gear up downstairs to go out. So far, so good…


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5 responses to “Double stroller debut

  1. june

    Is it a BabyJogger? I like it

  2. charityc

    No, but the big wheels are great for navigating crosswalks and cobblestones. It’s more of a brisk walker… 🙂

  3. june

    What are you making for dinner tonite charity or does the nanny cook?

  4. Idehra

    Love it and look at those darling little girls. They couldn’t get any cuter if they tried. Hope all is well with everyone, is Paul’s ankle all better?
    Love and hugs,
    Auntie Deara

  5. charityc

    No, Shiyama doesn’t cook unless we ask her to make a special curry–which is always delicious. This week I made one of my mom’s favorite dishes, Chicken Marbella. It’s usually a huge recipe, which this one from Epicurious is, but I actually keep the ratio of everything the same, except the chicken; I cooked two double breasts for us and had tons of leftovers (maybe two pounds?). That way you get lots of sauce, which is totally delicious. Serve it with rice or cous cous, etc.

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