First bath for Baby Estelle

Taking advantage of our professional grandma in residence, Paul’s mom gives Estelle a nice shampoo and sponge bath. Unfortunately it seems that Estelle would not describe it as “nice”, since she cried for most of the experience but since she doesn’t speak yet, we’ll just say it wasn’t that bad.



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5 responses to “First bath for Baby Estelle

  1. holly

    she seems content enough in the picture….
    Congrats and blessings to you all.

  2. june

    swaddling pics?

  3. Idehra

    That’s what a pink and pretty baby looks like! Natural births make such a big difference. You are the woman of the hour Charity and we are all so proud of you. Beautiful pictures, thanks! Love to all.

  4. Peggy

    She is a beautiful baby….looks like her sister ,but with lot more hair?Glad all went well for you Charity..I love checking in on you and the family every week and look so forward to all the wonderful postings that you do.

  5. Mom

    Can’t wait to hold her. What a beauty. Kisses to all. MOM

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