Welcome Estelle Marie Mathews

Taking a cue from our newest edition, we’ve taken a little extra time to post this announcement but it’s not due to lack of excitement…

Quite the opposite really; after waiting one full week past her due date, we had an unexpected but completely healthy home birth with Estelle! Our doctor was here for the whole delivery, as was Charlene, Paul’s mom, who was a neonatal nurse and Lamaze instructor for many years. A stroke of luck for sure. Things simply went very slowly (and painlessly) for nearly 20 hours…then suddenly everything happened at once (and it was definitely no longer painless, but not to digress…)

We had indeed planned to go to a lovely birth clinic in our area of Rome and even called ahead to let them know we were coming soon. But by the time we expected to leave for the clinic, Estelle was already on the way. Surprise!

I’m very happy to say that everyone is in perfect health. The pediatrician visited the following morning for a thorough exam and announced in half-Italian, half-English, “Senza problems!” (No problems!) We’re all resting up now and settling into life as a family of four (plus two doting grandparents). Which reminds me, Phoebe is head over heels for her baby sister whom she watches intently, touches, kisses and pats ever so gently—for the most part. After hearing about her arrival for so long, we wondered how much of the sibling concept Phoebe would understand but this much is clear: she’s a big sister now and completely thrilled. We are too.



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5 responses to “Welcome Estelle Marie Mathews

  1. Cousin June

    How exciting..We’ve all been on pins and needles, waiting to hear the news.
    We are so happy for you all…love June,Mike,Rudy,Missa,Anthony and Nikko

  2. Emily

    Way to go Mathews family – and especially Charity, who probably did the bulk of the “labor” on this project 🙂 Glad to hear Phoebe is already being an excellent big sis. Maris may need to reach out for some advice come June!

  3. Congratulations on the new addition 🙂

  4. Congratulations! Warm wishes and joy for your whole family!

  5. Cheri Kruick

    Congratulations on the beautiful healthy girl! She is very beautiful.

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