Sleepless days and nights

I regret to report that we’ve hit a major glitch in the sleeping patterns of one Miss Phoebe Mathews, the toddler previously known as Sweet Baby Phoebe. There is no new baby so far, but at this point I’m actually a little relieved–and wondering if she’s too scared of all the screaming to make an appearance just yet. Who could blame her? And is there somewhere I could go in the meantime? But I digress…

Poor Phoebe has begun protesting the afternoon nap, bedtime in general and sleeping through the night as if she were a newborn herself…or on an anti-bed picket line of some sort. If she starts saying “‘El no eee ont go” in her personalized (and usually adorable) Phoebe-speak, we’ll know the problem is more severe than we thought. And it’s pretty severe. Every night this week has included at least two screaming fits, usually happening around 2am or 4am and a few times right at 7pm. There’s also the afternoon nap-turned-screamfest. What? Why? And most importantly, does it have to be now?

The theories are: 1. It’s exciting to have grandma and grandpa here, therefore tragic to miss out on any potential fun with this pesky sleeping proposition. 2. She can feel the anticipation brewing as we all await her baby sister (who is now three days late) 3. Nursing the tail end of a cough & cold. 4. Finishing up with a new molar, already poked through but still making its way. 5. My favorite: A combo.

The solutions are…


Books, grandparents and the internet all consulted, sufficed to say, we’re trying things. Wish us luck. And sleep.



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2 responses to “Sleepless days and nights

  1. Cousin June

    Too funny charity…..brings back memories…..LOL
    p.s. good luck and you’ll make it

  2. Idehra

    Sooooo sorry!

    Will send extra hugs and prayers, it’s the only thing I can think of except for food, candy, booze, cigs, more food, running away or joining P.P. (Precious Phoebe) in a scream fest. You know be the example and show her
    how to do it properly! Ahem, just a thought!

    Love ya,

    Helpful Auntie Id

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