The due date is here…

But LTB is not. Not yet at least, but we’ve been through this before. With five hours to go before she’s officially “late” (aka her mother’s daughter), we’re wondering if tonight will be a particularly eventful one!

However, we’re happy to say that Grandma and Grandpa have arrived from Florida. In fact, they’ve been here for nearly a week now and no one is more thrilled than Phoebe. Two built-in playmates, what toddler could ask for more?

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  1. Idehra

    Hi All and almost here! Thanks for the update, saw Ben on Sunday and we all were grilling him (not literally). We were at Bob’s Burger and Grill celebrating the multitude of birthdays in one fell swoop. That would be my Mom(89), Dev(23), Kayla(19) and Matt(49)-OMG. The “real” grown -ups get to have a private celebration and not a combination. Mine was in early January and I am not required to publish my age! Am glad that Pauls folks are there and I bet Phoebe is not the only one happy about that! We love you all and all are in our prayers. Idehra

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