A belly book moment for LTB

Just to jot a few things down before she arrives…

  • cravings: peas, granola plus fruit, chicken and also chocolate until recently when sweets have suddenly (and unusually) lost their luster
  • exercise: brisk walks in Villa Borghese with headphones and the lightest hand weights in Italy
  • my weight: I’ve gained less than I did with Phoebe but still feel (and look) very big!
  • her weight: our ultrasound technician, who speaks at least two other languages before English, said on Thursday, “Eats not so big.” Meaning, she’s over 6 pounds now and expected to be 7 or 7 1/2 pounds in the next couple of weeks. That’s exactly how big Phoebe was (see below), and also myself, so I think we’re in good shape.
  • times a day Phoebe kisses my belly and says “bebe?”: 287
  • things that trigger movement: eating, especially chocolate
  • favorite maternity outfit: purple velour sweatsuit from H&M (I call it my “fancy sweatsuit”)
  • biggest issue: heartburn, oh and crankiness
  • the thing I miss most: a normal-sized bladder, followed by wine with dinner
  • compared to the first pregnancy this one is: almost exactly the same except I’m more tired but definitely as restless in the last month as I was then
  • recent movies we’ve seen: Easy A, Inception, Elf
  • books I’ve been reading about babies: The Birth Book, Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way, Supernanny, Shepherding A Child’s Heart
  • books I’ve been reading for fun: Half-Broke Horses; The Help; And I Shall Find Some Peace There; Women, Food and God
  • top news stories in the US: President Obama calling for civility in politics, Representative Giffords shot in Arizona
  • TV shows we’re watching: Modern Family, Glee, NCIS
  • push present: a Prada bag (thank you Italy!)
  • OBGYN: Doctorre Giuseppe Grimaldi

Places our Bambina has visited as passenger:

  • Croatia
  • Florida
  • Washington
  • Paris
  • Prague

And most importantly…

  • due date: February 1

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One response to “A belly book moment for LTB

  1. Mary

    Amount of times Auntie Mary has accessed your site anticipating news of that the baby is here: 782 ~We are as excited as Phoebe!!!
    Many Blessings~So excited for you!!! LOve love Love

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