Christmas 2010, a belated recap involving a mini kitchen

It was a very cute Christmas. This year Phoebe really got into the spirit of things–meaning she knows how to open presents now. Plus our friends Jill and Drew came to Rome from Boston and Barbra joined from Paris. We started Christmas the same way everyone with kids does — drinking coffee and opening stockings.

But the sweetest part was Phoebe’s reaction when she saw the little kitchen next to the tree, “Ooooh!”

Grandma and Grandpa Mathews also sent her a grocery cart full of food and kitchen supplies, so she’s quite well stocked. This is a good thing because she spent nearly every waking minute of the next two days cooking up a storm. There was broccoli, lemon and potato stew and more tea than anyone (or any group) could ever drink. It’s really the best imaginary food you’ll ever have.

Thanks so much to Mom and Wade for sending so many goodies too (the puppets and pink books were an especially big hit!) Barbra, the hat is hilariously chic and the penguin beloved. Jill and Drew, your adorable pink water bottle is used each and every day.

After opening all of the great gifts from everyone everywhere (thank you Bob and Charlene for the flag and monogrammed pillow cases!) we had a big breakfast…then a big walk.

Can’t wait to do it again next year…with one more stocking on the mantel.

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