How two snacks a day changed our lives

It eliminated the tantrums. Really.

In her defense, Phoebe has been cutting three molars and nursing a nasty cold but it seems like tantrums have been a part of our lives for several months now. Serious tantrums. The laying on the floor, crying her heart out, won’t let you touch her kind of tantrums. Each one set off by offenses such as putting on her shoes, taking off her shoes, moving moving her shoes… This was our life for a while, maybe three or so of these episodes a day.

That is until I started experimenting with bigger and more regular snack times. Now we snack at 9:30am–maybe some cheese, a whole wheat mini-muffin and apple slices–and again at 3pm–yogurt with wheat germ and banana–and we’ve enjoyed every  minute of tantrum-free life ever since.

It probably sounds obvious to parents who have more than one 18-month old child but to me, it’s a major discovery. One that brings peace and happiness throughout the land, or at least the apartment.



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2 responses to “How two snacks a day changed our lives

  1. Yep. Someone should have told you about this!

    One of my boys suffers from Low Blood Sugar Stinky Attitude disorder (LBSSA-yeah, I diagnosed it myself 😉
    We provide the school nurse with a package of string cheese for the fridge and if my son is feeling a bad attitude or grumpiness coming on, he slips out to the nurse’s office for a cheese stick, eats it on the way back to class and miraculous things happen!


  2. Marie

    Lex is the same. He needs breakfast, 10am snack, lunch, nap, 3pm snack, sometimes a 5pm snack and then dinner. And maybe more food after dinner. Phew!

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