The morning routine

They say toddlers thrive on routines but I’d say it’s helpful for our whole family to have one. Every day starts around 7am. Typically Phoebe beats the alarm but every once in a while gets an extra few minutes, and there is definitely no snooze button in the nursery. Then it’s up for a little play time and off to breakfast.

Getting dressed is decidedly her least favorite part of the morning but we get it done, every day.

Then it’s brushing teeth, washing face and combing her hair with Daddy–a much more popular activity.

Then our growing brood ambles down the street to a local bar for coffee, water and raisins (the last one we supply ourselves). Sometimes Phoebe rides in the stroller, sometimes she pushes her own.

Guess which one she prefers…

We picked this particular spot because it’s on the way to the subway for Paul but more importantly, the barristi are welcoming and friendly every day, shouting “Buongiorno!” the moment we walk in.

They always know our order and Phoebe is like a miniature celebrity. (Even on days like today when she spilled my macchiato all over the table and floor…nothing like mopping up at 8am.)

Sometimes there are parking problems. Giving up the stroller is hard to do.

Unless you have raisins to look forward to.

Then we say goodbye to Paul for the day and head off for our errands.

Without a moment to lose!


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7 responses to “The morning routine

  1. Idehra

    WOW! A bonanza of pictures, video and info. Love it!! Just have a minute as June is very ill and in the hospital. She has an inflamed pancreas, her vital signs and every test known to woman and man has been done. Keep her and all of us in your prayers. We love all of you.

  2. charityc

    I’m so sorry! Yes, you’re all in our thoughts and prayers. Give her our love and best wishes to get better soon.

  3. Auntie Heather

    Funny, a couple of these pics Phoebe looks a lot like a Mathews-then in others, not so much.

  4. charityc

    It’s true! Sometimes I see Skylar, especially in the raisin photo. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Kent

    Hello Charity…!
    I love your blogs. Obviously, a labor of love.

    I hope you’re doing well in Italy.


  6. charityc

    How fun to hear from you Kent! We’re doing great here and wish you the happiest holiday season.

  7. I love the pics- p is gorgeous. I hope you are doing well and would love for all of our kiddos to get together next time you’re in WA!

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