A pretty weekend in Prague

Off we went on a mini-jaunt to Prague, the last time I can fly before Baby Mathews II. This city has been on my list since my friend Dana went in the 90’s and bought me a pair of earrings “on a bridge”. Nothing had ever sounded so exotic 0r charming. A short 15 years later, there I was on Charles Bridge myself. But our road to Prague wasn’t exactly… fresh.

Our trip started on Wednesday afternoon. All packed up we hopped into a cab bound for the airport. That’s when the trouble started, again. For the fourth time in a row, Phoebe threw up in the taxi on the way to or from Fiumicino. Yes, I’ve had motion sickness all my life but she doesn’t. The only times I’ve seen her loose her cookies have been under one of these two specific conditions: going to or coming home from the Rome airport. Once I was driving our own car and we weren’t even flying that day, just dropping off friends. The next two times were in the cab, coming and going from our trip to the States, and now Wednesday. It’s awful. You have to clean her up, clean the cab, change clothes…then ride on a plane. This time wasn’t so bad and the flight short but still, not a great way to start.*

However, when we arrived in Prague, everything was great. A beautiful hotel right in the historic center, complete with giant bathtub, separate area for Phoebe’s crib and best of all, room service. We spend lots of time in hotels when traveling with Phoebe; she goes to bed at 7pm and we’ve learned that it’s just better to enjoy adventures during the day and let her get lots of rest at night. Plus room service is fun.

The first day we walked, shopped, ate (Goulash? Nothing like what I thought it was: elbow macaroni with ragu and somehow corn?) and made our way up to a super scenic park at the top of the city. There was a nice little playground for Phoebe, which she enjoyed thoroughly. The next day, more of the same, but we also went to the Prague Zoo which had the best thing of all…a petting zoo. For about an hour, Phoebe and Paul pet each and every miniature goat in the place, several times. She loved it; we had lunch and strolled home. A great day of sunshine and sights.

It’s a mellow place and we’re relaxed travelers these days. Breakfast at the hotel, hot chocolates for the road, shops, sights, street musicians. Prague was our kind of place.

More photos to come but for now…

*For the taxi ride home, we had three air sickness bags and two plastic shopping bags. Paul even had two of the air sickness bags open and poised for the entire trip. Nothing. Phew. Our streak is over!


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