Sweet 16, months that is

Phoebe’s up and about so much these days that an update seemed in order. New for us…

* Two new teeth coming in, making a grand total of 8

* Phoebe is just over the 50th percentile for weight at her age and just under 75th for height (clearly, she gets this from Paul)

* Music classes have started. Every Tuesday we host the Music Together group at our place where 4-5 kids and their parents come for a couple hours of singing, dancing and playing instruments.

* We’ve finally been to the Ladybirds playgroup–and loved it. On Fridays Phoebe and I will now be there. The location is a church near the Spanish Steps (a gorgeous walk through Villa Borghese and part of the historic center of Rome). A couple dozen kids and their parents play, sing songs, enjoy a snack (naturally) and try for a craft project. Phoebe isn’t into crafts just yet but she sang and shimmied her way through the rest of the playtime. And our muffins were a hit!

* Phoebe’s started RUNNING!

* Raisins are her very favorite food in the whole world, particularly because they come in a special red box that she gets to hold and handle herself. Thank you Commissary! (See above.)

* Her vocab currently includes: mama, dada, please, ciao ciao, bye bye, shoes, you, hot. Ditto on the video.

* One of her biggest new things is pointing to where she wants you to go. We have big glass doors that open on two sides of the house where she loves to sit, and a small finger will start pointing to the space next to her where she wants you to join.

* More direct, she’s also started trying to move us physically if we’re not in the desired location, or position. Say, if you’re sitting instead of standing, she’ll try to lift you up by your legs until you’re in the right place.

* On that note, she’s a champion cleaner. Phoebe is very into putting things where they go: blocks go back in the box, puzzle pieces get put away, bath toys go into the basket, all garbage is thrown into the trash immediately. And if you fail to put something where she knows it goes, she’ll handle it ASAP. She’s also keen to use a sponge or paper towel to wipe any surface.

* We’ve become one of those families who brings a pink mini stroller to the park. Phoebe and I stroll, side by side, through Villa Borghese. She’s not a bad driver.

* And finally, Phoebe is way into her babies. She’s got two dolls and one gets to ride in the pink stroller (I don’t know why the other one doesn’t but I’m sure she’s got her reasons). She also kisses the babies, feeds them and tries to put her shoes on their tiny “feet”. A big sister in the making for sure.



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2 responses to “Sweet 16, months that is

  1. Idehra

    Oh boy! Lots of info: vid was great. The cutest little soccer player in the world. Then there’s the champion raisin muncher pic and the update on vital stats, vocabulary, how to position people. The girl is a font of knowledge.I really like her organizational skills. She’s no slacker. Taking care of everything and the dollies is a big job but someone has to do it. The zoo sounds fun, preventing a peacock attack another job a Mommie does. However, I can understand Phoebe not being happy at being prevented from her goals. The seals and Phoebe swimming would not have worked out well.

    So you’re sixteen weeks- that’s so cool. How are you feeling? Are you just too excited? We think it’s
    wonderful and can hardly wait till she’s here.

    We love all of you and send you many hugs!

    Auntie Idehra


  2. Idehra

    I see…….. Phoebe sixteen months. Oh duh, I get it.


    Still love ya

    Dear ah

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