Phoebe’s first trip to the zoo

Our first exhibit was the seals. I could have taken a video instead because it would’ve looked the same. She was glued to the bars, desperate to touch a shiny, wet, GIGANTIC seal. This was the only downside to our visit. She really didn’t understand the point of looking at any of these interesting animals if there was no hope of petting one.

Actually, the longing started the moment we walked in. There are a dozen or so peacocks wandering around the zoo and we were greeted by a pack of three. Holding a little piece of pizza bianca (basically pizza crust with olive oil and a little salt) she went running up to them immediately. The birds of course saw the pizza and stayed put. The only thing between Phoebe and an oncoming bird disaster was me. And she was not happy when I interfered with what she clearly thought was going to be a beautiful moment. Sorry kid, this is only the beginning… But at least we had the seals.


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