Paris: 2 friends, 3 days, 25 croissants

It was a girls’ getaway–and most likely my last chance to have one before Bambina II arrives in February. And since Barbra, one of my dearest friends, lives in Paris now a weekend of ethnic food and girl talk was only a few thousand frequent flier miles away. So, miles cashed in off I went on my own (or as close to a gal like me gets these days).

If you’re going to visit a friend in Paris, I’d recommend visiting Barb. She knows all the best places for food, shopping and fun. And she’ll take you there.

Each day we averaged two pastries. And six hours of walking. Both fabulous for me, pregnant or not. One of the nicest parts though, was simply sleeping in. I didn’t get up until 8:30, maybe 9am on any day. Meanwhile St. Paul was back in Rome enjoying at least two hours of morning walks and talks with Phoebe by this time. Barbra made me a giant cafe au lait in the morning and we Skyped with Paul and Phoebe. Then we were off to eat pastries… Oh la la.

p.s. Happy Birthday Barbra!



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2 responses to “Paris: 2 friends, 3 days, 25 croissants

  1. Lori

    This is my favorite Paris trip-report ever. It only consists of pastries. No wonder I’ve been friend with you for 30 yrs!

  2. Nona Judy

    When can I meet you two there?

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