Pineto to Albano, again

Fresh from our trip to the US, we visited Pineto, a little seaside town on the east coast of Italy. The occasion was this: Dante, Paul’s friend of many years, and his family were visiting his extended family…and they all live here.

So, the unofficial American Ex-Pat Group of Rome (Eric and Melissa, Dan and Amy and us) met up with them, plus our friends Dave and Karin from Amsterdam. It was four days of jet lag on the beach. There were also tons of dinners, all outside, all with space for kids to play. On one occasion (left) there was even a band, prompting dozens of senior citizens to dance until dawn…or what felt like it to us weary travelers.

Then back to Rome for more water works. Dan, Dante, David Bowen (of a semi-famous olive grove)  and Paul set out to cross the lake before summer’s end.

Fun was had by all.



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