Then Washington for Ben & Mary’s Wedding

The weather was gorgeous – a record setting day with sunshine and 93 degrees. We loved it, especially because the wedding took place at Ben & Mary’s riverside cabin, making an after wedding swim even more refreshing. But first…

They wrote their vows themselves.

And my grandma sang their first dance song, Your Song by Elton John.

There was a big Mexican dinner and mini cupcakes in five flavors.

They’d set up a rowboat full of drinks and ice at the beginning of the day. Unfortunately Phoebe wanted desperately to get in the boat at the end of the day, when there wasn’t much left but icy cold water.

There was even a beautiful bonfire. Unfortunately, the evening didn’t end well for Phoebe. Don’t worry, she fell asleep before we left the parking lot. Sometimes weddings are really tiring!



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4 responses to “Then Washington for Ben & Mary’s Wedding

  1. Holly

    I don’t get why you didn’t show off Phoebe’s great surfing skills…so, I posted the picture on Cedar’s blog…


  2. Holly

    …actually, here is a better link to Phoebe’s surf picture:

  3. paul

    thanks for the pix holly…must have used jeremy’s zoom lens to capture that one.

  4. charityc

    Holly this is so great! I knew she’d get Paul’s genes…

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