Oh, hello!



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2 responses to “Oh, hello!

  1. Idehra

    Glad you all made it back to Italy safely. It was so nice to see the whole family and a half! Hard to believe Phoebe has teeth now and love the curly hair. You all looked so good, healthy and happy. Love the latest series of pics about where you’ve been and Phoebe of course. Really liked the black dress you had on Charity. Mom and I spent a few days sailing the San Juans with Mike and Julie. Sunny weather, smooth seas and lots of fun. We are going to their place for Labor Day and looking forward to it. I’m a Great Grandma, Matt’s youngest son is the Daddy of a baby girl. She’s so cute and makes lots of noises. She sounds like a cross between a puppy and a piglet. There, you are caught up with what’s happening here. Keep us posted on everything. We love you all!

  2. charityc

    Wow, I can’t believe you’re a great grandma! Congratulations to you and to Matt’s whole crew. Sailing sounds so nice. Good for guys. We’re off to the country this weekend and looking forward to some relaxing hikes and dinners out. In the meantime, thank you again for the gorgeous bracelet, Phoebe’s dresses and and cute little wall hanging. All of these are coming soon to a blog near you…

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