Potty prodigy

On the advice of a parenting website we consult often, we bought a little potty chair for Phoebe about a week ago. Just to get her used to the idea before potty training begins a few months (or more) from now. Fascinatingly, she uses it.

In the mornings, I usually get her up from her crib and bring her in. She sits right down and well, you know.

It doesn’t really work for the rest of the day though. For one thing, she can’t talk yet so there’s no cue for when she has to go. She also can’t walk so there’s no going on her own. But for a one year old, I’m so surprised that she uses it at all.

True, sometimes she leans down and uses it as a walker, sliding the plastic chair along our tile floor with a piercing screech, but otherwise she’s sort of brilliant in the bathroom.


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2 responses to “Potty prodigy

  1. Idehra

    Like Mother, like Daughter or it must run in the family. Pun intended.


    Auntie Suedeara

  2. you should leave algebra books lying around too!

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