She’s walking!

Phoebe’s taken her first steps (Sunday, June 13 was the debut). In the space between Paul and I sitting on the floor, she happily toggles forward two, three, sometimes four steps before getting scooped up in one of our outstretched arms. Tickles, squeals and a few self-congratulatory claps follow.

It won’t be long, can’t be long, until she’s roaming entirely on her own. I’m sure the claps will continue.



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3 responses to “She’s walking!

  1. Amy

    Hooray!! Let the games begin!

  2. marie

    That’s so awesome! Lex walked at 1 year, then refused to for another 6 or so weeks. Until one day, at a Crate and Barrel no less, he wanted to grab something so bad that crawling was just not fast enough. Now he runs more than he walks. The childproofing really begins with those first steps. 😉 Congrats!

  3. Nona Judy

    Can’t wait to watch you walk and run all over!

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