The happiest hour

What a gorgeous place to relax! And we needed it.

Poor Phoebe had come down with a rash, fever and a stubborn top tooth trying to poke through. So Saturday was spent by the pool, the three of us just lounging, laughing and napping.

And after a much busier day of sight-seeing on their own, Lori and Chris stopped to take in the view from the hotel…and a crisp bottle of white.

That is, before they were joined but another hotel guest…


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  1. Cousin June

    In Rome, Really Local Food…..from New York Times………Urbana 47 (Via Urbana 47; 39-06-4788-4006; in 2008, Angelo Belli started Magiordomus, a home-delivery business — itself a rarity in Rome — selling newspapers and food. He offered a careful selection of niche products from Lazio and, as business grew, eventually decided to open a restaurant.
    Lots of others…

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