Birthday ballooning in Tuscany

For my birthday, Paul arranged for an amazing balloon ride in Tuscany. Here’s how it went (hint: picture-perfect, windless, and so smooth you couldn’t believe you were flying)…

Up at dawn to start the day (which is normal to us, thanks to Phoebe)!

Some people had to help.

A lot.

Some people did not.


The first step is to fill the balloon with cold air, using a fan. Then you heat it up.

When the air in the balloon is hotter than the air outside, it rises.

And we’re off!

A good view.

Gorgeous Tuscany.

Self portrait.

Why Tuscany is so famous. Really, what could be prettier?

Checking in on Phoebe (with the Bells) when we landed.

Deflating and rolling up for next time. An art in itself.

Toasting to the perfect morning. Also an art in itself.


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6 responses to “Birthday ballooning in Tuscany


    LOVE the self portrait.
    happy day to you my dear friend.

  2. Liz Aiello

    Buon Compleano! LOVED this posting. Makes me so wistful to go back to Italy. You certainly had a beautiful birthday.

  3. Oh my, that looks like a lot of fun!

  4. andrea


    these pictures are fabulous, you should copyright them!

  5. Idehra

    Wow! What a birthday celebration and great present. Once again-you forgot me………..oh, well.
    Love the pics and comments. FUN!!

  6. Idehra

    Last but not least…………..ok, so I forgot. Happy
    Birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Charity, Happy Birthday to you. We remember when you were born and your Dad being so excited (and ill) and your Mom snuggling with you. All of us couldn’t wait to hold you. You were just darling and still are! Lots of love.

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