Kate Olivia’s birthday party

It’s already that time.

Last spring, five adventurous, English-speaking couples joined together for a prenatal class about natural childbirth in Rome. The experience was so comical on so many levels that I can hardly do it justice but sufficed to say, the best thing about the class was meeting the four other couples–now four other families–who we are thrilled to still be friends with.

This weekend Kate Olivia had her birthday party (you can just see her cute little face peeking into the camera on the right side), the first of the group, and Phoebe was there to help celebrate.

Kate couldn’t have had better timing for a party. After two days of total downpours, the sun finally came out in Rome.

And we brought a little present.

A pink rattle plus a gift certificate for Kiva.org, an amazing organization that grants micro-loans to entrepreneurs (mostly) in developing countries.  When your loan is repaid, you are notified by email and can either re-loan the funds or of course, take your cash.  This year Kate’s parents will help decide the recipient, no classes necessary.


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