My little parrot

Phoebe is picking up everything we say these days, and sometimes things we do. Especially Paul. Whenever he clears his throat she immediately makes the same sounds. If you go, “bbbbrrrr”, she goes “bbbrrrr”. Her favorite response to nearly any question is “yeah!” with an enthusiastic nod to go with it. (If you say “no”, she looks at you gravely then shakes her head back and forth.)

Yesterday afternoon we were flipping through a cookbook together, trying to decide what to make for dinner. When I turned to a lush photograph of roasted chicken, her eyes opened wide and she tried to touch everything on the page. I said, “chicken”. Then she said… “chicken”! Of course, you really had to strain to understand because it sounded like she was wearing a scuba mask, but still.



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2 responses to “My little parrot

  1. Amy

    I ran across your profile and blog on one of the expat websites (I forget which one now…I’ve been looking at quite a few). I’m impressed by your adventurous spirit! My husband and I have been in Padova (by Venice) for the last 8 months with our two kids. In a week, however,we are moving to Rome for May and June. Any chance you’d be interested in meeting up and let the kids play (3 yrs and 1 yr)?

  2. charityc

    Yes of course. I’ll visit your blog to contact you. Good luck with the move!

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