The perfect pre-Easter project

Is called putting together our new coffee table. We branched out and bought a few new things from a few new stores. A big table (the old one became a desk for crafts and projects in the guest room), a beautiful sideboard for the hallway and now a coffee table.

I was excited when I got the call yesterday that the delivery men were on the way. I was saddened when they dropped the bundle of materials on rug and bid me “Ciao!”

Oh well. At least it came with a tool.

It wasn’t actually very hard to assemble. Only four legs, eight bolts and either five, six or seven washers (more on this below). They’d gone to the trouble of actually affixing stickers onto each of the legs, corresponding to more stickers on the base of the table. As though this was going to be hard to figure out. I pictured someone at the factory saying to another, “How will they know which legs go where? We’ve got to do SOMETHING to make it more clear.”

The tone changed considerably with the hardware though. No longer taking great pains to help the home assembler, the bolts and washers, were loose in the packaging. Rattling around and only discovered with considerable effort and creativity. Pulling back this flap of cardboard, shaking out that piece of bubble wrap. It was like my own personal Easter egg hunt on the living room floor.

Eventually I found all eight washers (even after I’d given up on them, twice) and got it easily together.

Now all it needs is a thousand magazines and remote controls.



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3 responses to “The perfect pre-Easter project

  1. Peggy

    Love the videos of Phoebe,look at them every week
    The coffee table is beautiful and just the right height for baby to crawl onto….waiting for that video……she is adorable.

  2. That’s a very lovely coffee table … Do you mind if I asked where you purchased it?

  3. charityc

    Sure, it’s from Maisons du Monde.

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