New moves…plus a big finish



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7 responses to “New moves…plus a big finish

  1. Melissa

    OMG! Love it!

  2. colleen

    you weren’t joking…she will be driving soon.

  3. Robert Mathews

    Well, it time to get your running shoes on to keep up with her. Changing and growing up so fast.

  4. Idehra

    See Phoebe crawl.
    See Phoebe talk.
    See Phoebe stand.
    See her giggle and wave bye, bye.
    Hear Mommmy cueing her.
    Is it any wonder we love you both so much?
    Hugs and more hugs to all.

  5. Amy

    You captured it all — crawling, pulling up, waving AND talking! She is just so adorable. Well done 😉

  6. june

    I agree with EVERYTHING my mother {Idehra} said

  7. MOM

    I could watch that clip all night long. Way to go my little bambina. Keep it up! Love, Nona

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