Driving with Josh and Brad: Two songs, two weeks

You may not know this but I love country music. I do. And so does Paul. There’s more to our marriage than a mutual appreciation of honky-tonk, but it helps. So when I’m home, I usually indulge in all the country music I can get. (New York never had a country music radio station so this has been going on for a while.) It means zipping around in the car with tunes blasting and in the case of our recent trip that tune was more than often one of these two:



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3 responses to “Driving with Josh and Brad: Two songs, two weeks

  1. Jennifer

    Jenna loves the Josh Turner video.

  2. Aunt Jan

    You would love it in Ky, Jennifer can tell you about her in Jenna going down the road in Ala singing to the radio.

  3. Amy

    These are great. I started loving country music during college when the only clear radio station my 1979 Buick would get was country. I still play Randy Travis on occasion and Dan hates it! And there’s not much available in Roma…so, thanks for these two great songs. Love the Josh Turner video.

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