Even the mail is sexy

The women in Italy aren’t kidding around. Even at the playground, any self-respecting mother will be wearing tight black pants, high heels and a top that either produces or enhances cleavage. Then there is the makeup. Lots of it. The term for this look (yes, there is one) is called la bella figura. It means cutting a good figure. In As the Romans Do, a hilarious and t00-true book I’m reading now, there’s an entire chapter called “La Bella Figura: The Flesh and Flash of Roman Women”. 

I’m used to it by now. Traffic cops in four-inch, sparkling heels. The gelato shop girl in an off-the-shoulder sweater, after all one must stay cozy in the winter. But when I got this ad for pizza delivery in the mail, along with our electricity bill and a belated Christmas card from my Grandma (insert joke about incredibly slow Italian mail), well…

But the pizza does sound pretty good.

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One response to “Even the mail is sexy

  1. Jennifer

    Hmmmmm Sounds like Jersey in Summer. Ha Ha

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