A (small) blog in review: 2009

Unlike my former jobs, this blog is a labor of love. And unlike my former jobs, I do not get paid for it. But some habits die hard and with the close of the year, it’s fun to reflect on the hits and misses of this, wait for it, blobby. That’s blog + hobby=the newest buzzword of 2010. Because I just made up. Maybe someone should be paying me for this stuff… But in the meantime, here goes.


  • Total views: 18,551
  • Posts: 256
  • Comments: 317
  • Busiest month: June 2009 – 2,641

Now for the good stuff. Top 10 posts of 2009:

About Us 278 More stats
Welcome Phoebe Ann Mathews 276 More stats
What does SPQR mean? 179 More stats
The search is over 96 More stats
Apartment update: New contenders 93 More stats
Bathing beauty 91 More stats
In action 90 More stats
The many faces of Phoebe 87 More stats
Day Two 85 More stats
New caterpillar 85 More stats

And the least popular: Normally I would do some analysis about what didn’t appeal about these. But instead, I think I’ll go watch a movie. That’s the difference between the job and the blobby. (See? It’s catching on. Really.)


Search engine terms (people typed these into Google…and ended up here…on The Rome Report. Bless their hearts.):

  1. rome report wordpress
  2. how to build a couch
  3. what does spqr mean
  4. crazy dress socks
  5. best blanket

Top clicks (what people clicked onto from The Rome Report and where they went):

  1. LinkedIn Profile: Charity Curley Mathews
  2. Facebook Video: The Wedding
  3. BabyZone.com: How to Make the Most of Baby’s Naptime
  4. Colle San Paolo (the villa we stayed in this summer)
  5. BabyZone.com: 9 Napping No Nos

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