2009: Our family’s first, the aughts’ last

We’re about to ring in a new year, a new decade and here’s the scene in Rome: Phoebe’s asleep, Carter’s sacked out, pasta is cooking on the stove and Paul is working at his computer. Unless something drastic happens between now and midnight, I’d say the next decade will likely look a lot like the first…but who could mind?

Best arrival: Phoebe Ann in May (second: Carter in March)

Phoebe’s first family member to visit: Charlene

Number of countries visited: 6, not including Italy


Phoebe’s first plane ride: to Amsterdam

Most difficult task: finding an apartment in Rome

Weirdest apartment toured: tie between the triangle kitchen and the dropped ceiling with florescent lighting


Number of castles toured: countless

Number of times visited Villa Borghese: (see above)

Best Italian speaker in the house: Charity

Best Italian listener in the house: Paul


Hottest month: August, near 100 degrees

Number of visitors to Rome: 9

Classes attended: Italian (Paul – 3 & Charity – 1), Natural Childbirth (Paul & Charity), Bible Study Fellowship (Charity)


Fitness plans/best intentions: yoga (Paul – hot, Charity – prenatal), aquagym (Charity), sit-ups/push-ups/squats (Paul & Charity)

Favorite foods: all (Phoebe)


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