Bye-bye Dummy

It’s been about 18 hours since we’ve taken away Phoebe’s pacifier. She’s asleep right now, a fact that we are surprised and awed by because it’s been shockingly easy. At least so far. Yesterday there was seven minutes of crying, over the space of one nap and one bedtime. This morning’s nap involved two noises, for about five seconds total. Could this be it? If so, I think we’re on to something. Something called sleep.

The problem with the pacifier started early. Phoebe loved it, and was indeed pacified. You could see the stress and agitation melt right off her little face the second she got that sweet sucking going. The issue however, was keeping the pacifier in place. Many a nap and most nights have been interrupted because of the stray pacifier. For six months. This is too long to wait for a full night’s rest. For everyone. For anyone.

We never got to the point of giving it an official nickname. Sometimes “passy” but that’s just because everything in Babyland ends up with a Y at the end. I’ve heard “nay nay”, the classic “binkie” and in Amsterdam, “schnoo schnoo”. In Italy (and England) it’s called a “dummy”, like a stand-in for the real thing (think of a safety dummy). For us, it’s replaced sleep. But no more.

After my first full night’s sleep in ages, I feel, well, still pretty tired. But if we can keep this up–say until college–I’m bound to be back to myself in no time. We’ll work on the extreme wake-up time next. Note to the universe, Phoebe and anyone else who’s listening: Anything past 5am is good.



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3 responses to “Bye-bye Dummy

  1. Marie

    Brava, Charity! Lex does not have the same level of addiction but I’m cutting him off by his first birthday anyway. I applaud your efforts! 🙂

  2. Jennifer

    Hey, my mother-in-law called it a fooler. Must be a rural thing. My kids never took them. I begged them to around 2 am some nights but am thankful that I never had to break the addiction. On the other hand, I had to break the middle of the night snack and the bottle to sleep habbit. Shame on me. But like they say, they will not attend first grade in diapers or with a pacifier in the mouth. Enjoy your sleep. Love Jen

  3. aunt Jan

    We took the pacifier away from Jennifer at 15 months same night we ended the bottle. Needless to say, it was a very long night!

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