Off to Amsterdam

We took Phoebe on a plane.

With other passengers.

I’m happy to say that none of them asked for a refund.

In fact, the whole experience went very smoothly. No crying, no fussing. Just sitting, playing, sucking (for the ears) and sleeping. So basically, she’s a much better traveler than I am.

Her first flight was from Rome to Amsterdam, where we visited friends Dave, Karin and Annika.

Together we had meals, walks, a spa day for the moms and a little shopping too.

I loved it; what a charming town with the tall, skinny houses and everyone bicycling all around. Hopefully we’ll be back soon but Belgium is next. Wish us luck!

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One response to “Off to Amsterdam

  1. Cedar

    Phoebe is cute! Looks like the airplane is about to take off. The report about Phoebe was a great report.

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