Sweet potato success

At five and a half months, Phoebe’s dream has come true. She got to eat her first food. Sweet potatoes. We whipped out the special food processor/steamer combo — purchased on a trip to Paris last winter (anxious new parents?) — and lunch was served. Rave reviews.


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4 responses to “Sweet potato success

  1. Bob Mathews

    She is looking at you in wonder. Was she wondering what else do you have for me or boy were those sweet potatoes good.

  2. Holly

    Mom by night – stunning food photographer by day! Glad it went so well!

  3. Idehra

    I just love that baby girl! She’s a cute little squash blossom. Been a little wacky here with Mom. I will respond to your e-mail soon. The whole family is so excited to see you guys!! Love, Aunt Idehra

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