When in Rome…ideas for guests

Where to go, what to see and most importantly, what to eat. These are the questions that we take responsibility for as hosts here in our new hometown of Rome. With each visitor, we’ve had the chance to compile a bit of a list. A new nugget for our next visiting friend or family member (who we’re definitely seeing more of now that Phoebe has arrived.) A work in progress but a good start. And please feel free to make suggestions!


Trattoria Monti: the eggplant parmesan was delicious. Via San Vito 13a, Rome (00 39 06 446 6573). Closed Sun evening and all day Mon.

Da Bucatino: here you have the bucatino, an over-sized spaghetti noodle with a hollow middle, soaked in a rich red sauce. 84/86 Via Della Robbia Luca Rome, Italy ( 39-06-574-6886).

Spirito DiVino: the owner comes out and explains everything on the menu making for kind of a fun evening. Lamb meatballs are an excellent starter. Prepare for a long dinner! Via dei Genovesi 31 a/b, Rome (39 06 589 66 89); info@spiritodivino.com; http://www.spiritodivino.com. Closed Sundays.

La Campana: Rome’s oldest restaurant. Try the fried artichokes (Jewish style). Really good. Vicolo della Campana, 18; (06 686 78 20); Closed Mondays.

And finally, I haven’t been but according to The New York Times it’s Rome’s best trattoria… Felice a Testaccio: Felice is a Roman institution. Tucked on an obscure block in the nontouristy neighborhood of Testaccio, Felice has been run by three generations of the same family since 1936, and neither the décor, the patrons nor the recipes have changed much since. What to eat: the tonnarelli cacio e pepe. Via Mastro Giorgio, 29; (39-06-574-6800); www.feliceatestaccio.com; closed Sunday dinner.



A walking tour of historic Rome cannot be beat. Everything is so close together that it’s a nice stroll, made even better with a knowing guide to tell you all the juicy details–and navigate the twisty, turny cobblestone streets.


The Borghese Gallery is a great little museum, located right in Villa Borghese. You have to make reservations ahead of time and can do so online. But it’s a small, beautiful space and collection. Easily manageable without feeling overwhelmed like so many of the other museums and galleries.


The colosseum. Take a tour, preferably one that includes the Forum as well. Another worthwhile tour is the Vatican. I’d spend one morning at each.


The Spanish Steps. Really, just a lot of steps. Think Rocky without the heart-warming underdog story to go with it.

HOTELS IN ROME, UNDER $150 per The NY Times

Le Finestre sul Vaticano
Via Angelo Emo, 130
(39-347) 7563811
90 euro

Matisse B & B
Via Nazionale, 243
(39-389) 9787112
72 euros

Hotel Felice
Via Tiburtina, 30
(39-06) 4453347
72 euros

I loved the Hotel Felice. The management was so helpful. They gave us maps to Rome and suggested places to go and see. They were very helpful with the buses. Great location! — Carl

Le Real de Luxe
Via Cavour, 58
(39-06) 4823566
85 euros

I looked long and hard to find a place acceptable to my very mixed group of friends, some wanting the cheapest place in town and some wanting the best. This turned out to be a good choice: Le Real de Luxe. They adopt a low-cost airline model of charging for various extras so as to keep the basic price down. However, the staff are very friendly and helpful, and as long you read the rules when you arrive it’s really not a problem. — John

Accommodation Delia Bed & Breakfast
Via Gaeta, 64
(39-06) 97277089
70 euros

I recommend the Delia B & B. Great location! 5 mins walk from tube/train station. Rooms fantastic — modern, and cleaned every day (possibly the cleanest room I’ve ever stayed in anywhere — either hotel or b & b). Great value for money. — Kok

Arco del Lauro
Via dell’Arco De Tolomei, 29/27
(39-06) 97840350
85 euros

Hotel Paba
Via Cavour, 266
(39-06) 47824902
88 euros



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2 responses to “When in Rome…ideas for guests

  1. Amy

    FABULOUS. We will absolutely use your hotel list for future guests — grazie tanto! xx

  2. Thank you so much for your great list. For our holiday we choose the Hotel Felice, great quality/price hotel in the centre of Rome.

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