When life gives you lemons, make limoncello

grainPaul’s got a new project, homemade limoncello. This is a popular after dinner drink in Italy, strong, lemony and usually a little sweet. Inspired by friends from FAO, he researched recipes then came up with an adaptation of what he saw online:

  • 2 liters of grain alcohol
  • zest of 17 lemons*
  • simple syrup (to be added later)

instrumentsDealing with this many lemons is not a small job. There were numerous trips to the store: One batch of lemons didn’t have a nice enough skin. Then the question became whether 17 was really enough? Maybe we need more…


Lemons collected, the next step was zesting. Armed with our hand-held microplane, Paul got them all. He sat down and scrubbed, rubbed and removed every trace of yellow from each one, excluding the bitter pith.

just wait

The last step was simple, add alcohol. In the states, homemade limoncello calls for vodka but here we have access to grain alcohol which is the original ingredient–for better or worse. In went the lemon peel and the two sit together for at least six weeks. By mid-November we’ll either have a sweet treat or a bitter drink…but either way it’ll be lemony.

* For this recipe you don’t actually use the lemons themselves so we pulled out the juicer attachment to the food processor and made homemade lemonade. Pretty puckery.



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2 responses to “When life gives you lemons, make limoncello

  1. Amy

    Delish! Will be knocking on your door mid-November for a taste 😉

  2. perry227

    I actually prefer the grain alcohol, vodka has it’s own distinct flavor that I don’t care for in the Limoncello. I’ve tried it both ways on my blog.

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