To the rescue

Funny how much time one has when there are no chores to do. Instead our 3-day weekend was full of strolling, shopping and gelato. Lots of gelato.


Saturday’s lunch was memorable but not for the usual reasons, which makes what happened next so comical. Paul had heard good things about a particular sandwich shop over and over, so we decided to give it a try.


But it’s just a lunch counter, you take it to go then find a bench, stoop or step somewhere nearby. Most people just took a seat on the curb outside. Paninis in hand, available curb space spotted, I was just about to sit down when a stool appeared beside me, “prego senora”.


We happened to be in front of a hand-painted pottery shop and when the owner saw me holding Phoebe,  he brought out the stool. It was very sweet, though I did feel like a queen sitting so high above Paul on the curb. But here’s the cutest part. I’d already decided to buy some salad forks and went inside to see what else he had. He followed me into the shop and started working on his computer.


A few minutes later he politely interrupted my browsing to ask if I’d look  at his computer screen. Expecting information about prices, I looked up to find a message he’d been dutifully translating online. “You should not feel obligated to buy something at discount. It was my duty to help a mother in distress.” I nearly cried. Then tried to figure out how to tell him in Italian that we’d loved his stuff all along. I didn’t mention that “discount” doesn’t mean store.



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3 responses to “To the rescue

  1. Bob Mathews

    Let that be a lesson to Paul on how to treat the Mother of his daughter

  2. This post was so sweet! I’ve been following you for a while (through our mutual friend, Jen Mowrer) and get excited when I see a new post. I love reading about your adventures in Rome. It sounds like a magical place to live.

  3. Amy

    Great story — one of those “only in Italy” moments to be treasured.

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