Riding to Florence

coffeeSome people just love morning and Phoebe is one of them. We were out of the house at 7am on Friday to catch our train to Florence. Here we are at Termini, getting a little cappuccino before boarding (and sleeping again).



and away we go

**This is the 200th post on The Rome Report. Woo woo! We’re just grateful that this trip was a easier than our first, which became blog entry number one.



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5 responses to “Riding to Florence

  1. Amy

    Bravi to you guys for traveling so much with the bella bambina. She is looking so much like you these days, Charity!

  2. Eileen

    She looks like a little doll!

  3. charityc

    Ha, you’ll see that we had a little trouble on the way home. A few posts from now…

  4. Idehra

    Look at all the good looking babes! It fits all of you
    and she looks so much like you as a baby, Charity.
    Beyond cute!!!

  5. Bob Mathews

    I have to agree with the others. She is one cute kid and she does looks like you Charity. No Mathews that I can see.

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