He did it

All donePaul swam across Lake Albano last night. Along with a dozen other athletic souls, he dove in after work and swiftly paddled all the way to the other side. One hour of continuous swimming. Unfortunately our plan to cheer him on as he reached the other shore didn’t quite work out–the lake was further away than I thought and Phoebe and I just didn’t get there in soon enough. (Score 1, Italy.)

It’s a beautiful place to exercise though, in the middle of a retired volcano. The water is cool, the sun is hot and the crater’s enormous walls surround the lake. At once it’s a cozy but majestic atmosphere. (And for added drama last night, a rescue plane plunged in and out of the lake, practicing the art of collecting water to fight fires.) Runners glide around the perimeter and kids splash in the shallow end. And it all takes place in a town called Castel Gandolfo, home to a papal palace where Popes have spent their summers since the 17th century. Not a bad recommendation.

Now, we were on time to enjoy a sunset dinner with Amy, Dan and the kids afterward. Festive restaurants line the lake, perfect for weary swimmers to enjoy fresh mussels, lobster and pasta as we did, washing all it down with a crisp white Italian wine. What a perfect find, late in the summer. Turns out, they swim every Wednesday so we’ll be there again next week. Right on time.




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6 responses to “He did it

  1. june

    way to go paul!!!!!

  2. Bob Mathews

    Dad’s don’t comment on their kid swimming across a deep lake with out a boat next to them. Even if that kid is 40.

  3. charityc

    Uh oh. I’ve gotten Paul in trouble. Don’t worry, someone from the group always tows a buoy along for safety.

  4. holly

    That sounds fun! Great job, Paul! Did you make it back there this past Wednesday? Would love to see a picture or two of the swimming!

  5. Jan

    Loved the pixs! I am so glad that you all are enjoying every minute of Italy and that lovely daughter of yours. I also enjoyed seeing the pixs of the wedding and my granddaughter! (She did look awfully cute, didn’t see. I love visiting you site every week to see what you all are doing now and watching that little one grow! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

    Love Jan

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