Fun in the sun, sort of

HatIt was hot hot hot in Rome this week so we headed to a lake on Saturday to cool off. Beautiful conditions, sunny skies, only moderately crowded…and dog friendly. Hooray!

Phoebe tried swimming (dipping is more acurate) for the second time. And for the second time, she didn’t really like it. Oh well, maybe when she’s 2 1/2 months old…

At least Carter enjoyed himself.


Not sure



Geared up

Yes please



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3 responses to “Fun in the sun, sort of

  1. Idehra

    Isn’t Phoebe the cutest bikini clad baby you ever
    saw ? Thanks Charity for doing such a good job of
    recording your lives. It’s so nice for all of us to be
    able to be a part of that, especially long distance.
    What a great adventure you are all having. FUN!

  2. That young lady looks like a fine swimma! Looks like all is bene with you, happily. Was asking after you with Marie M the other day and glad to hear about sunny times. All well here, too. Love the blog! xoxo

  3. Jen

    Love the photos, especially: 1. All hat, no baby; 5. This is my really mad face…!

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