Let’s be friends




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3 responses to “Let’s be friends

  1. Mom

    Reminds me of you and Charlie, a great protector.

  2. Jennifer C

    We have a similar pic of Jenna and Rhett at the same age with Ginger. We shaved her, the dog I mean. Should have done it years ago. Took 7 years off of her. Ha Ha. She is much cooler and does not shed nearly as much. Ah, wonderful.

  3. Robert

    I just wanted to say hello. I hope you dont mind me sending you a littl note. Congrats on your extreem life change! I know how it is overseas and all the challanges that come. I spent over 5 years in Germany, a year in Iraq and 6 months in Afghanistan, and a few months here and every where. I just retired from the Air Force and I am loving the civilian life. Good luck and take care of that family.

    Rob Jubie

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