Carter’s big boat ride

on the boatWhat a fun day in Umbria. We took a ferry out to one of three little islands in the lake. It’s a natural park with a great restaurant serving fresh fish from the lake–the best meal I had all week. The only glitch: Carter was required to wear a muzzle on the boat. The fact that we don’t actually own one didn’t slow us down. Behold, the fake “muzzle” (below). As it turned out, the only question the ferry captain asked us when he stepped on was, “Biglietto per il cane?” A ticket for the dog? Um no, but we fashioned this great headgear for him using his leash. Does creativity count? Apparently so. And with that, Carter climbed aboard.

fake muzzle

Phoebe on the island


waiting for the ferry


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One response to “Carter’s big boat ride

  1. Mom

    What a great family! Too fun and so cute.

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