Happy birthday Paul!

It’s a big one this year: 40! Wishing my husband the very best for this year and all the rest. And I also want to THANK our friends and family who contributed to his book of advice. It turned out to be a neat present and we’re both very grateful! In honor of the day, and your witty work, I’ve enclosed a few of the lighthearted entries below (and saved the most sentimental for Paul). Here’s to another fantastic 40 years!

When you get wrinkles, let them remind you of how much you’ve laughed.
When your eyes start to fail you, become a better listener.
When you get love-handles, find someone to hold them.
When your body starts to ache and creak, grab a beer and relax.
When your mind gets a bit fuzzy, you won’t know the difference so who cares?!
Enjoy it, I hear 40 is the new black!

Just look at whatever Eric Bell did, and do the opposite.

Jim and Donna:

After several wrecks (bikes, skis, etc.), and now that you are 40, you should slow down a bit and enjoy your new family.


Advice for Paul for a happy and successful next 40 years:

  1. Kill more zombies
  2. Buy an Italian vineyard, hire cook, build guest residence for Ryan
  3. Continue to collect Bluegrass music
  4. Always bigger hard drives and smaller digital cameras are our friends
  5. Do not let the French commandeer the playlist at birthday parties
  6. There are many serious accidents in Spain every year by people who do not know how to hold their ham
  7. Drop trow every time you are on a dark Barcelona street and in the vicinity of nationalist midget bums.  Please do this.
  9. I still don’t know what you said to my ex that night but the aftermath probably should have given me a clue
  10. Do not travel to Morocco without Charity


Skydive every day!


A Poorly-Rhymed, Sort-of Limerick on the Occasion of Paul’s 40th Birthday

There once was a man from FLA-

On whose 40th birthday his friends said “Hurrah!”

And at the behest of his wife,

Offered up advice for the next 40 years of his life,

And here is said advice from one Jen Duffy.

It goes thusly-

For one who has accomplished so much —

Found his life’s partner in Charity,

Had a lovely new daughter, Phoebe,

Moved to an exciting new home

(Wait for the rhyme. Wait for it.) in ROME,

What can one say,

Except, hey-

Seems your approach to life is right–

Keep doing the same for the next 40 (plus) years,

And your life will continue to be similarly bright!

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One response to “Happy birthday Paul!

  1. Bob Mathews

    I can say an aman brother! to Jim and Donna comment. I was there for a few of the wrecks and worried over the others. Don’t see that changing but know you will enjoy and take care of Charity and Phoebe

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