If you like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain…

Then you’ll LOVE Rome in July!

wetFeeling cooped up this week, I made a concerted effort to get out and about today. At around 5:30, all things looked good. Paul was on his way home from the office. Even better, Phoebe’s feeding, burping, diapering and napping schedules cooperated so I packed up her in the Bjorn, threw on Carter’s collar and headed out to meet him at the metro. Why not turn a work commute into a family stroll? Plus, I needed an extra pair of hands to pick up some groceries.

As we headed to the store together storm clouds gathered above, but seemed tentative. Benign even. We had at least 20 minutes. There was even talk of stopping for take-out sushi on our way back. Once at the store, I volunteered to wait outside with Carter and the babe while Paul ran in for 3 quick things. That’s when the heavens opened up. Giant plop, plop, plops turned into a bona fide rainstorm in seconds. Paul came out just as it happened so Phoebe and I dashed in; Paul and Carter sought cover under the storefront facade. Wait it out, we thought. But this was not just a downpour. Not just roaring thunder (the kind that actually causes physical pain in your ears). No, this storm involved so much wind that one has to lean forward to stay upright. Naturally, neither of us had so much as an umbrella.

still wetA few minutes passed. Seeing the water let up, we decided to make a run/walk for it. Then it really started pouring.

There was nothing for this family of 3 1/2 to do but seek shelter again under the nearest awning. It was a restaurant getting set up for the dinner shift. A waiter and woman who I assume was the owner stood in the doorway, looking in awe at the storm’s force when we arrived. They graciously invited us to come in then insisted on giving us their giant red umbrella for the rest of our trip home.

Once again, Paul, Phoebe, Carter and myself were out in the elements. Wind blowing, water dumping, umbrella wobbling and diving, Carter shaking, Paul’s shirt soaked through, Phoebe covered up in a blanket…the whole thing felt very biblical. As we jumped over puddles, dodged through parked cars and navigated the slick cobblestones, Paul and I looked at each other and laughed. So much for getting out!

In the end, we made it home. All 5 blocks.




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2 responses to “If you like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain…

  1. Amy

    oh man was that insane or what? Zoe, Max and I got caught in it too — also less than 5 blks from home but the trek through the hurricane-conditions felt like a 40 day journey, “biblical” is the perfect way to describe it! Just crazy.

  2. Holly

    Nice haircut, Paul!

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