10 days, 10 million diapers

So far, Phoebe is a delight. We can’t be sure of her true personality just yet because we’ve seen many sides of her! The first week was very smooth sailing. Then we hit a rough patch of fussiness for a couple of days, followed by extreme sleepiness. Now she seems to be back in a zone that Paul calls “the perfect baby”. Here’s what we’ve uncovered after the first 10 days:

Phoebe likes:

  • looking at black and white patterns or toys with bright colors (score one for the books; they mentioned this a lot)
  • eating
  • laying on her side
  • sleeping on dad’s chest

Doesn’t mind:

  • Carter licking her feet, repeatedly
  • riding in the stroller

*Doesn’t care for one bit:

  • diaper changes, usually
  • the entire burping process
  • either the first or last 5 minutes of her bath

Stay tuned. There’s surely more to come.

* Each of these is actually growing on her. Phew!


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One response to “10 days, 10 million diapers

  1. Jan great-aunt

    Hey, be happy that you don’t have to wash all those diapers!!!!!!!

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