Welcome Phoebe Ann Mathews

She’s here! Paul and I welcomed our daughter Phoebe to the world this morning at10 am. She’s beautiful, if I do say so myself. Happy, healthy and we are thrilled. More details plus photos to come. For now, family is resting comfortably at the birth clinic, heading home tomorrow. Thanks for all of your thoughts, prayers and well wishes.


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7 responses to “Welcome Phoebe Ann Mathews

  1. Amy

    Congrats and Tanti Auguri! So happy to hear you are all healthy and well. Yes, I am sure baby Phoebe is just beautiful, can’t wait to meet her! Please call if you need anything — we will check in with you later this week, ready to bring over whatever you might need and want. SO happy for all of you!! xoxo

  2. Jennifer

    Happy, Happy Day! We are so exited. Jenna is extatic and could not wait to get to school to tell everyone she had a new cousin. You would think she was an only child. This is how I looked being an only kid and was this exited to see my cousins but that was because I always got a laugh out of Paul being so grumpy. Can’t wait to see the pics. Love to all Jen

  3. Jen

    Congrats your new addition, wonderful news!

  4. Frank Lanuto

    Congratulations guys. That’s great news. Happy to hear that mama and daughter are well.

  5. Mary Jane

    Wow – fabulous news! That’s a great name! Better news that you are all doing well. Hope Paul didn’t faint. Talk to you soon.

  6. Ralph

    Congratulations. We are so delighted for all three of you! Hope everything went well and Mom is relaxing comfortably for a few days, as life will never be the same again! Great name choice – at my job prior to Hudson, the Presiding Bishop’s wife also was Phoebe. She was one classy lady – and may yours be as well!

  7. Alison

    Congratulations, Charity!

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