Combining work with pleasure

For my new life outside the boardroom, Paul helped me start a business called CC Mathews, LLC. It’s a media consultancy specializing in editorial web strategies. Translation: I help big (and sometimes small) media companies figure out what to put on their websites. This is what I did at Martha Stewart Omnimedia, HGTV and iVillage only now I don’t have to trot into the office every day. I get to clickity click my ideas and advice from the comfort of our home office.

As a new consultant, two of my favorite sites to work on have been A Way to Garden and The Sister Project, both founded and run by my former boss at Martha. And when not dispensing advice, I also write articles as a journalist. My newest piece was for and just came out today: 10+ Surprising Pregnancy and Baby Care Customs from Around the World.

There’s more where that came from but since Baby is due this weekend I’m winding down for the summer. Starting in September, we’ll be back in business! At that point I’ll also be developing a series of small websites, blogs and (hopefully) books on my own. Stay tuned.


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