Due date number one is here and…

No baby. Belly, yes. Baby no.

May 21 was the first due date that our New York OBGYN came up with, way back in October. In her defense, she changed it to May 28 on our next, and last visit. Since then, there’s been talk of May 23, June 1 and May 30. And let’s not forget the rumors that baby might come early, due to her size, position and something about my cervix. My Italian OB was convinced that she could come “any day”, but that was more than two weeks ago…

It’s not surprising. What child of mine would be so early? She’s clearly inheriting my genes there. It’s possible that she’ll arrive right on time, proving that she’s her father’s daughter (he who arrived so early for our first date that he had to kill time by going to a pub down the street for a pint. Or maybe that’s just Paul. But anyway, the man’s always early.).

For now I’ll say this. In aquagym this morning, I couldn’t help but think that this will be my last class. Maybe that means she’ll arrive this weekend. Maybe I’m wrong. It’s happened before, but don’t tell Paul.



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4 responses to “Due date number one is here and…

  1. Frank Lanuto

    Hey Paul,

    Just wanted to check in to say hello and check status on the baby. Looks like I arrived at the right time.

    I can tell you what the baby’s waiting for – MY BIRTHDAY – May 22nd.

    Seriously, I hope all is well with you and Charity. I’m sure everyone is ready to have the baby. I think I’ll check daily now for an arrival.

    You may have seen the latest on HHGP. The SEC issued a Wells notice to the Company and to MJR also. It has to deal with our Sales Tax disclosures. You can read it in all it’s glory on the SEC site but I think you have more important things to concern yourself with these days.

    Let’s be sure to talk once the baby arrives.


  2. Jennifer

    No, She is waiting for Rhett’s birthday! May 28th. Great Birthstone, too. I love Emeralds. Happy baby thoughts coming your way. Love Jennifer Jenna Rhett and Rusty

  3. Adam

    If the Italian spirit is growing in her, she’s probably just waiting until there’s a big enough crowd so she can make an entrance!

  4. Jan

    I am with Jennifer, she is waiting for May 28, Rhett’s birthday. Of course, being his grandmother, I would think that way! No matter when it is, Good luck, Good thoughts are coming your way from Kentucky!

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