It takes a village

True, our attempt to buy–or at least look at–a car last weekend was foiled. But on Sunday when we realized that all of the dealerships would be out of touch for the rest of the day, we put that atlas to good use. I picked a little village outside of Rome and we headed out in our rental car. Destination, Fara Sabina. Here it is as described on a website called Karen Brown’s World of  Travel:

The highest village in the Sabine hills is Fara Sabina. Once a Lombard stronghold the village offers the most spectacular view of the rolling plains of Lazio—the land of the Latins and birthplace of our western civilization. You can see across the Tiber valley as far as Rome, and, on a clear day, the dome of Saint Peter’s is visible.

Plus they have ice cream. The food of choice for exhausted mothers-to-be.





Ice cream 2

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