Amsterdam for dads-to-be

Stress-relief and a well-deserved break from Quicken, not to mention taxes. That was the inspiration for Paul’s trip to Amsterdam this weekend. He met up with the Bells and the Colvins (who sent him home with more baby gear and gifts than he could fit in his bag. Thanks Dave and Karin!) Since Carter and I weren’t keen on flying, each for our own reasons, his aversion to the cargo area, my ever-expanding belly, we stayed in Rome for a few quiet days on our own.

From the looks of things–namely the noticeable absence of prostitutes and hash–this was quite a Rated-G trip to a city most known for its red light district. I hear there was a bit of a boys’ night out to celebrate DC’s birthday but otherwise it appears that the focus was cheese, bike riding and visiting a miniature goat and chicken farm, which, by the way, is my dream/future plan. Not a bad weekend of practice for PM all around.

Cheese in motion


Dave and Annika

DC and Annika

Gearing up

Karin, Annika and Alex


Dave, Annika and Alex…plus goats

Melissa biking


Eating out

Alex out to dinner

Self portrait

Self portrait


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One response to “Amsterdam for dads-to-be

  1. Amy

    miniature goats and chickens?? what will those crazy Dutch think of next?

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