Anticipation is right

During a recent visit, my friend Barbra insisted on, er, wanted to eat at a particular restaurant in Rome. Trattoria Monti. Now, I think I’m a good host in general. Fresh sheets and towels are provided, along with maps, guidebooks and suggested sights to see. Snacks and comfy slippers can be also found in a guest’s bedroom. And as for restaurants, I often make a couple of reservations ahead of time, then wait to see where the visit takes us before completely booking the generally beleaguered traveler’s evenings every night. However, this reservation was a challenge. Here’s the story, from Barbra herself  aptly titled “Anticipation” (bonus points if you can identify the non-swearing friend mentioned in her post):

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I have been to Rome twice before now over the past 18 months and Trattoria Monti was closed both times: First for the August vacation (even though it was September) and then in January of this year for the winter holidays (even though Christmas and the New year had passed).

Read the full story at Serve It Forth >>


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