A big one

It was an earthquake. Last night at around 3:30am I woke up thinking that Paul was shaking the bed. In truth I looked over with a furrowed brow and asked him so, in a tone that said, “What’s with the moving and shaking? And why are you a stupid person?” That’s what woke Paul up.

Then we rode the waves for a few seconds in stunned silence. The whole bed shook and rolled. Both heads peeking out of the covers, clutching the sheets, staring straight ahead as though we were on an amusement ride together. But just as soon as it started, it stopped.

I said it was an earthquake. Paul asked, really? (Growing up in Florida, he’d never felt one and certainly hadn’t done drills at school like we did on the west coast. No matter, the universal safety position for all school children seems to involve hiding under one’s desk. They had tornadoes in FL, surely he’s spent some time under a desk.) Neither of us expected earthquakes in Italy, and apparently it is quite rare to have one large enough to feel.

In the end there was no damage here. Carter flopped over, sighed and went back sleep. Expecting an aftershock, I hopped out to the living room to remove the porcelain from our shelves but we never felt one.

Unfortunately it seems that we were much luckier than others outside of Rome. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to them today.

From the New York Times

L’AQUILA, Italy — A total of 50 people died and tens of thousands were left homeless when an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 shook central Italy early Monday morning, seriously damaging buildings in the mountainous Abruzzo Region east of Rome, officials said.

Update from CNN.com: 179 dead as search for quake victims goes on

Update from NY Times: Italians Comb Through Rubble After Quake







April 7, 2009

Unless I’m mistaken (possible) or going crazy (probable), we just had another earthquake at about 11:30am on Tuesday. Again, everything just shook and rolled. No damage and again Carter didn’t seem to notice.




Yes, another earthquake. This time 4.9. Thinking and praying for those who were not as lucky as we have been. If you’d like to make a donation to those in need: Croce Rossa Italiana (CRI).


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  1. 'lil sis

    Sorry to hear about the damage and loss…but your narrative made me laugh!!

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